Who doesn't love a parade?

More people than I would have thought. Since I've been in Seattle I've met several people who don't care about them. I've also met several people who hate them.

During my first summer here, I met a woman on AOL and we decided to meet in person to chat. She did not know Seattle very well; she lived in Tacoma. I lived in Mountlake Terrace, a northern suburb at the time [shudder]. The only place I knew of in downtown Seattle was the Tully's on 4th and Union. It's the huge Tully's flagship store. I knew she had long red hair and she knew I'd be wearing an "Aussie hat" which she wasn't thrilled with ("I want to meet the guy, not the accessories"). I figured we'd find each other easily.

When I got there, I had to navigate crowds and ridiculous traffic down town. There were probably 100 or so people in the coffee shop. The crowds were ridiculous. It was Torchlight Parade night in 1998.

I hadn't heard of the parade prior to that evening, and was only vaguely aware of Seafair.

Eventually I met up with my friend. We got coffee and headed down to the waterfront to chat. I thought this was great. We were there in plenty of time for the parade. She explained, however, that she hated parades. Crowds and parades. And not just because of the crowds. I couldn't understand it.

After a couple of hours of chatting I walked her to her car, and then I went to watch the rest of the parade. Not a bad evening.

We met up a couple more times after that. Then I think she got engaged and moved to Scotland. Or Whales. Or something like that.

I guess they don't have parades there.

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Jon Clarke said...

I hate parades. It's the 21st century. I live in the most exciting city in the world. Why am I watching people walk down the street?