I'm sorry. Can I call you back? I can't hear you. I'm being buzzed by jets.

One of the best things about living in this country, as opposed to many others these days, is that the appearance of fighter jets invokes awe and joy instead of fear and panic.

On Saturday, 2006-08-05, Seattle's annual Seafair celebration climaxes with the HydroPlane Races.

With the HydroPlane Races, comes the airshow. That's right -- the Blue Angels come to Seattle every year.

Forget the tax dollars, the Blue Angels are just cool. The precision flying is amazing. They fly those jets at high speed so close together they could pass jars of Grey Poupon back and forth.

Today was a practice day for them because even the best of the best have to practice. And they practice right over my building every year. I took these shots during the afternoon. The pictures don't come close to capturing the live experience, but still -- enjoy.

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