Getting it Right

The Hyatt Regency Newport Beach figured it out.

At big hotel meetings there's usually a buffet of fruit, pastries, and coffee. And at the ridiculous hour most meetings start, that coffee smells wonderful. I ride the stream of coffee steam from the lobby to the buffet. My feet might touch the ground once or twice, but I wouldn't count on it.

Once I get to the buffet, what do I see? Most places have ridiculous tiny, white 6-8 ounce cups for coffee. Since the target is so small, pouring in cream from the jug will result in a spill, and after two sips, the cup is empty.

Then, of course, after refilling it, I will spill the coffee over the edge and on to my fingers. Now, I have an interesting dilema. As the scalding coffee further seeps into my skin, do I drop the cup and grab a napkin? Or do I think cold thoughts?

I choose to think cold thoughts. Primarily about whoever thought these tiny cups might somehow be a good idea.

But this week, I finally saw a hotel that gets it. In addition to the nice ceramic mugs, they they put out a big stack of tall SBUX tall cups, lids, and cup sleeves.
This is a brilliant move for several reasons.

First, you can put a decent amount of coffee into the cup. I am now almost awake for some of my morning events.

Second, you are less likely to spill. The lid encourages the coffee to stay where it's supposed to. When everyone in the room uses a notebook computer, this is critically important.

Third, you look cooler. Few people look cool standing around sipping from one of those dainty little cups where you can put just one finger through the handle.

I don't know if it's environmentally friendly. The cups are disposable, but it means less energy wasted washing dishes. But on the other hand...I don't really care.

Kudos to the Hyatt and Starbucks for finally getting it right.

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