It was early

On my way to the airport this morning, I stopped at a Starbucks on 15 AVE. It was about 5:AM. The store opens at 4:30 AM.

I stop here alot when on days I drop my GF at her job. That's often around 7:00 AM. There is always a line of cars. In fact, each time I pass it during the day, there is a line of cars at the drive through.

This morning though -- nothing. There was no one there. It was eerie. Normally, I make a right turn into the drive thru, and the cars coming the other direction, waiting for a break in traffic to turn left get visibly upset. But the baristas are quick.


When the store has just opened, the baristas haven't had their coffee yet. You know those chipper baristas that seem impossibly positve and happy to serve you? Chemical. It's all chemical.

When they haven't had their coffee yet, you get the surreal experience of seeing SBUX Baristas as slow and dim as the rest of us poor junkies.

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