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It looks like Larry's Market is about to go away.

Larry's shopping for a buyerOwners of Kirkland-based chain file for bankruptcy

Pinched partly by big-box competition and heavy debt, Larry's Markets is selling its six grocery stores, talking with potential buyers about deals that could split the company that has fed hungry shoppers since 1945.

It's a shame really. Larry's is a 6 store chain in Seattle that carries wonderful products. You can get prosciutto there. If you so desire, you can buy an entire wheel of parmesan reggiano. You can even buy 50 and 75 year old Balsamic Vinegar. The butcher's counter sells actual Prime meat. The candy aisle and bulk food section overflow with tasty delights. The soda section carries more unique sodas then I have seen anywhere. Strolling the whine section is a pure joy even though I have no idea what I'm looking for. They also have one of the few Peet's Coffee locations in Seattle. Of course this doesn't even begin to describe the plethora of wonderful ingredients and prepared foods at Larry's.

In addition to all these wonderful products, they are also a standard grocery store.

The problem is they are expensive. I don't shop there more because I spend a lot more money there than at Safeway. Part of it is the prices for regular items, and part of it is the cost of gourmet items.

I guess I can't complain about it closing. I suppose I have voted with my dollars, like the marketplace, and demanded a low cost, general purpose grocery, rather than a higher-end more specialized place. Still, I like always having the option of Larry's even if someone else had to pay for it.

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