A new twist on the Nigerian Scam

But make no mistake -- this is still a scam. Never respond to such email pleas.

ATT: Sir
I wish to bring to you notice an investment proposal that requires your assistance.
I am Sir JAM JEGEDE JAMBOJET, the managing director of JAMTRACY loan and finance houseACCRA GHANA.
This is a
business of $35 million US Dollars belonging to my company which we presently Have with a security and finance company here in Ghana .
JAMTRACY loan house was co-owed by me and a Briton who was the brain behind this establishment .My colleague was a directorin a UK oil giant BP. The collapse of JAMTRACY that led to our fund going to the securityCompany started when my associate MR TRACY KARL was accused of being involved in oil bunkering [illegal oil lifting] when investigation confirmed that he has been sponsoring the business for more than 4years,he ran away. All effort made by my government to get him through BP AND HIS embassy was in vain for no such name existed in their record. That was when my government decided to take action against JAMTRACY claiming that it was an avenue for bringing fund into the country for illegal oil lifting. lot of other things happened though politically motivated, that led to my being kept under security watch by the government [house arrest]I have decided to transfer this money to you country where I can re invest it in a more profiting business when I regain my freedom fully. This is where i will need your assistance If you can assist me in receiving this money and keeping it for me in trust of assist in investing it i will give you $8.5 million out of this total fund for your time and assistance.
I have budgeted
1.5 million to cover every form of expenses you may incur during the course of this transaction. I have every contact that will facilitate the transfer of this fund with ought risk .what i just need is your acceptance to help in receiving this fund. I will give you more details on this when we speak on phone so reply and include your private number in the mail.

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