Muppets Break 1000; Shatner-Palooza continues

Our Muppet Show Starring William Shatner and Leondard Nimoy film just broke 1,000 viewers. It is now the most popular Play Cole film of all time. Thanks to everyone who watched and sent the link to their friends. If you have friends who haven't seen it yet, go ahead and send them the link. Just click the envelope icon at the end of the post. Or send them a link to www.playcole.com

Okay. I'll stop plugging my own stuff now.

One of the great things about Shatner is that we really don't have to do parodies. During a brainstorming session, we may come up with the idea, "How about a commercial parody where William Shatner sells the Commodore Vic 20?" About the time we get to the second rewrite, someone says, "He already did it."

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