I Love SoCal

On KABC news tonight, they had one of those appalling plastic surgery. I did learn a couple things, though.

  1. apparently, magazines, the fashion industry, and mass media promote an unhealthy body image for young women. I have never heard that accusation before. Who would have thought there could possibly be a connection.
  2. There is a plastic surgery procedure referred to as a "Brazilian". In this procedure, under general anesthesia, a doctor remove fat from a woman's stomach, and adds it to her butt, for a rounder, fuller effect.

This story tonight focused on a 17-year old who had the procedure. She said she probably could have gotten the same results with a lot of exercise and eating right, but she didn't want to do that.

They interviewed the doctor who said, "If she wasn't mature, I wouldn't have done it."

The procedure took a little longer though. The girl did not have enough fat.

So she went on a diet specifically for the procedure. She gained 35 pounds. Intentionally. So the doctor could move the fat from her belly to her butt.

Let me repeat that.

She gained 35 pounds for the express purpose of having it liposuctioned out, and put back in her butt. Because her butt was too small.

And her mother signed the permission slip for the procedure.

Anyone care to guess how much plastic surgery the mother had?

Does this sort of thing go one anywhere else in the country?

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